Senior Authorised Persons


HV Power's Senior Authorised Persons will carry out operational duties on customer systems up to 33kv. Operational duties include high voltage switching, testing and issue of safety documents in order to provide safety from dangers inherent in the system.  



All our electricians are experienced in both the installation and testing of the electrical installations to BS7671. They are familiar with all types of wiring and containment systems used in commercial and industrial buildings:

  • SWA cables up to 4c 300 mm
  • Conduit and cable trunking installations
  • Cable ladder and steel support systems
  • LV switchboards/distribution boards
  • Testing and commissioning BS7671
  • ABC testing and commissioning
  • Fitters

    All fitters are experienced in the installation, maintenance and testing of most types of high voltage switchgear and protection systems in use on private high voltage networks:

    • Oil fit Switchgear
    • SF6 Switchgear
    • Vacuum Switchgear
    • Oil filled Transformers
    • Cast resin Transformers
    • Transformer oil sampling and testing
    • Earth electrode installation
    • Protection testing and commissioning
    • Jointers

      All Jointers are experienced in terminating most types of power cables up to 33kv:

      • PILC, TO PILC
      • XLPE to XLPE
      • PILC to XLPE
      • Traditional compound termination's/ joints
      • Dry terminations/ joints
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